The “Art of Fusion” is the way of thinking and creating at Hublot, embodied in the combination of materials and design not usually used together in watchmaking; materials like carbon, ceramics, rose gold and rubber. Hublot employs cutting-edge technologies that are visible just by looking at the distinctive watches, while still remaining true to the watchmaking know-how of their ancestors.

Hublot was launched in 1980, when for the first time in the history of watchmaking, a precious material, gold, was combined with rubber. The porthole-shaped case (Hublot means porthole in French) with its combination of polished and brushed gold, the minimalist black dial and the inimitable bracelet in natural black rubber became the symbol of Hublot watches.

The Hublot “Big Bang” collection was launched in 2005 and is a perfect illustration of the concept of Fusion. Big Bang. A word; a philosophy. A dream in motion,with all those who live in step with the times all around the world, sharing the same dream, with their head in the stars and their feet on the ground. Fusion. Tradition. By accelerating the development, Hublot has shaken up the pace of traditional watchmaking in order to better celebrate time in all of its facets, with some of its most enduring attributes: love of the profession, respect for know-how, intelligence backed by experience, building the future on the basis of time-honoured techniques, the meaning of a life.