A fine timepiece is a masterful feat of engineering. It’s intricate. It’s complex. It’s made with the utmost attention to detail. A fine watch needs to be valued and maintained.
We know this. Which is why our journey together doesn’t end at sales.

Our service is as essential as our selection at World’s Finest and it is important to us that customers feel that purchasing a quality watch gains them entry into the World’s Finest Society where after sales service is guaranteed and expert, trusted advice is always at hand. Whether you need a battery replaced, a strap changed or want to understand the inner mechanics of your watch, we’re here to help.

At World’s Finest Watches, we’re as passionate about watches as our customers and treat every timepiece with the respect and care it deserves, ensuring that our clients know exactly what they need to do to ensure their watch’s longevity. Our consultants focus on watch knowledge, training and new product information and they’re constantly up to date with the latest industry developments. You can trust that our team members are qualified to give you accurate and relevant advice tailored to your unique piece.


Through us, at World’s Finest Watches you can access the worldwide network of Rolex-trained watchmakers. This ensures that all Rolex Service Procedures, designed to ensure that every timepiece leaving a Rolex workshop complies with its original functional and aesthetic specifications. Click here to learn more


Our watches are crafted by the world’s leading watchmakers. They are the result of decades of tradition balanced with cutting edge innovation.


When you buy a watch from one of the world’s leading brands you are assured of quality and longevity. You’re buying an item that will become an heirloom.


Our staff are passionate and knowledgeable about our product and happy to share their expertise. We have brand specialists and an on-site technician to ensure that we can answer all your questions both before and after you buy a watch.