In 1898, Rapport was founded under the name M.A. Rapport & Co. by a young man who, at the age of 20, had just proudly produced his first timepiece. Over 115 years later, this business is now a household name in clockmaking and horology. It’s philosophy is still the same as it was all those years ago: innovation, quality and service whilst continually investing in technology and customer care. In our fast-changing world, Rapport manages to stick to this philosophy and still values quality in innovation above all else.

If you fancy yourself as a watch connoisseur and collector, then look no further than Rapport’s fine range of horological products, such as these must-have watch winders to keep your timepieces safe and running as well as when they were crafted. Why a watch winder? An automatic watch has a mechanism that requires regular motion to keep the inner spring constantly charged. This motion is usually provided as it is worn. Once removed from the wrist the stored energy will only run for 24-72 hours, depending upon the model, then the watch will need to be manually rewound and reset. A watch winder saves the owner of this hassle, and keeps your timepiece’s inner parts well lubricated, avoiding wear and tear over time.

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