A common thread that we’ve seen across our collection of legacy brands is the need to return to the past, dig up its treasures, and put a contemporary spin on them. This is no less true of Rado Captain Cook which is essentially, and masterfully so at that, a reinvention of a 1962 timepiece. This reinvention takes place in high-tech ceramic, the preferred material of Rado, as well as a mix of materials that are waiting to be discovered. An organic choice for the explorers of the world as its robust quality is tempered with a vintage feel, giving it the edge when it comes to standing the test of time.

World’s Finest have an impressive yield of the Rado Captain Cook Collection that is bound to catch the attention of the outdoorsman and admirer of fine watches. With original models from 1962 being brought to life in a new form to suit the twenty-first century, yet with a design that is true to its classic form, these timepieces are timeless. Convenient in nature, too, is Rado’s EasyClip mechanism which allows one to change the bracelet or strap with ease and efficiency, an attractive quality found in the Captain Cook Automatic.

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