Frederique constant’s Classic Quarts Collection is proof that a focus on the classics does not denote a negotiation with the boring or plain. It is a celebration of the origins of watchmaking, in that it has breathed new life into the legacy of this craft, and opened its expressions to a wider audience of appreciation. To celebrate the classics in this way, is to revel in the timeless charms of a quality watch that’s full of inspired design.

In its almost hybrid rendering, where a mix of the feminine and masculine elements of craftsmanship and design is ever-present, Frederique Constant successfully embraces classic forms in the contemporary age. Classic in the way of soft lines and moderation, yet contemporary for its emboldened mechanical elements. This embrace of both bold and gentle, feminine and masculine, linear and rounded shapes, has formed Frederique Constant’s legacy as pivotal Geneva-based manufacture. Albeit a collection of different design elements, some barrel-shaped and others rectangular, the editions within share a fondness for Roman numerals, sleek styling and guilloche dials that reveal everyday complications such as the day, date, month and chronograph and secure a certain bond between the various watches.

Whilst preservation benefits the continuation of a legacy, certain elements of change add relevance and value, making it of equal benefit in the long run. By altering the dynamic of the classics, whilst containing certain elements to the origins of their form, Frederique Constant has successfully achieved the preservation of a legacy. Our wide offering of Frederique Constant Classic Quartz Collection is a true picture of the return to simplicity that the collection achieves in its entirety. Sleek in design, classic in interpretation and contemporary in feel, each one has a special offering that takes Frederique Constant’s legacy into the now.

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