At Hamilton, we’re as proud of the countless aviation watches we’ve produced since 1918 as we are of our rich history of military watchmaking, both of which inspire today’s collections. In the Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pilot Pioneer, these two worlds come together in a distinctive design. Mixing vintage aesthetics, superior engineering and both sporty and technical features, it’s a dynamic addition to Hamilton’s pilot watch collection.

The Khaki Aviation Pilot Pioneer takes its principal inspiration not from a wristwatch, but from a pocket watch produced during World War II. In addition to over one million military wristwatches and marine chronometers, timing devices and other instruments, we supplied U.S. forces with more than 27,000 Model 23 pocket watches throughout the war.

A cutting-edge chronograph of its time, the Model 23 was of particular use to U.S. Army Air Force navigators. Slim, ultra-legible numerals, cathedral hands and an authentic railway track outer scale, recreate the Model 23’s elegant dial aesthetic in the new Khaki Aviation Pilot Pioneer. The result is a sporty yet refined variation on a classic pilot watch design.

The most notable features include a bi-directional rotating bezel and a prominent winding crown in reference to the ‘onion’ crowns found on vintage aviation watches (including the Model 23), which were made large enough to be used easily while wearing gloves.

Choose from a sleek stainless steel or unique bronze case to make this incredible timepiece your own.

The smaller version is available with a stainless steel case, and offers a more understated and multi-purpose take on the design.

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