A motor for innovation

Founded in 1980, Hublot will be celebrating its 40th birthday this year. We take this opportunity to look back at the explosive journey and dizzying ascent of a small Swiss watch brand with disruptive designs which, in less than half a century, has become a genuinely cutting-edge watchmaking manufacture recognised all over the world. As the first brand to dare to combine gold and rubber on a watch, Hublot has turned this audacious approach into a philosophy forming the cornerstone of all of its creations, innovations and partnerships: the Art of Fusion.

“The revolutionary concept of the Art of Fusion has forged Hublot’s success throughout its journey, and has led it to be first, unique, and different. Its most powerful expression—the iconic Big Bang in 2005—defined Hublot’s identity and became the driving force behind its Manufacture and its Research & Development department. Today, this best-seller continues to inspire the brand to reinvent itself and look to the future. This principle is part of Hublot’s genetics, and a success story that is only just beginning.”

– Ricardo Guadalupe

Fusing past and present into a futuristic watch. Fusing historic materials with high-tech compounds. Fusing traditional watchmaking know-how with advanced technologies. Fusing classic mechanisms with all-new constructions. Fusing the best of each celebrity with the spirit of the brand. Each of Hublot’s actions comes from the Art of Fusion founding concept.

40-year exhibition

Installed in the very heart of the Hublot H2 Manufacture (3rd floor) in Nyon in Switzerland, the exhibition designed by Samuel Ross can be discovered phygitally and will therefore be accessible remotely thanks to a virtual visit via Hublot.com as of 23 November.

Visit www.hublot.com/40-years from the Hublot Manufacture, immerse yourself in the Hublot 40th birthday 3D exhibition. Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, will show you the four themes of this exhibition, which tells Hublot’s story. From its products to its Art of Fusion, to the women and men who embody it, and to its world of communication. Don’t miss out on the talks by the brand’s ambassadors and friends who will be taking part in the festivities. VIPs, customers, journalists, employees as well as the public and the Hublot community will come together to celebrate 40 years of Hublot history at a distance.

A history to discover through the pages of a book, HUBLOT XL, is available on order and delivered all over the world in hard copy or available for download from Hublot.com

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